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eSolutive Sistem Informasi - Corporate Profile

/ What's eSolutive?
PT. eSolutive Sistem Informasi is an independent local owned company and a leading Systems Integrator focusing on the solution that meet the customer business requirement through the design, development, deployment and maintenance of IT based services which include but not limited to IP based security systems, cloud networking and network infrastructure
Established as a multi-division
organization in 2013 in Tangerang
Selatan and formed by some
people whose expert and with vast
experience in IT, financial, client
oriented  and operation area. eSolutive
emerges as leader in the deployment
of system technologies including
business applications, blueprint, data
center, cloud computing, structured
cabling, GPON, telephony  services,
wireless infrastructure and security
systems integration.
We commit  to stay intimately in tune
with our client’s needs. Our strength
lies are not only in our ability to
design and deploy customized
fully integrated solutions, but more
importantly, our attentions to develop
our relationships with our clients. Our
goal is to become an extension of our
client’s team in order to seamlessly
facilitate the completion of any
project. In forming  a partnership
with our client, we gain a unique
understanding of our  client’s specific
requirements as they evolve, thereby
enabling us to promptly evaluate and
adjust the existing solutions to meet
the changing needs of our client’s.
Nowadays, PT. eSolutive Sistem
Informasi  is delivering technology
contractings under five verticals,
including Technology Consulting,
Business Application and its
Architecture, Integrated  Security
Systems, Cloud Networking and
Network Infrastructure. This unique
business model provides a very
highly technical and well-diversified
installation force, which combined,
enables us to handle larger and
more complicated  projects. All of our
engineers are trained under multiple
disciplines and industries enabling us
to flow between projects and areas
most needed at any given time.
We partner  with the Security
and Network Industry’s leading
manufacturers of proven
technologies to deliver high-quality
solutions to our clients. eSolutive
understands that Information
Technology and Networking
are critical to today’s security
infrastructure and we ensure
our solutions incorporate today’s
Beyond its technology, eSolutive
is proud with its strongest team of
project managers, technicians and
supporting personnel  available
in the industry. eSolutive, a locally
owned and operated  company,
promotes  an innovative  and
entrepreneurial culture within the
organization. eSolutive empowers
our employees  with decision
making capabilities to ensure
total client’s satisfaction.
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/ What We Do?
eSolutive’s portfolio offers a range of services, from strategic IT advice, to security information technology, to cloud consulting, and data center transformation services.
eSolutive leverages years of
experience and proven best
practices to help companies plan,
design, implement, and support
a fully utilized and optimized
data center that enables missioncritical
systems to perform at
peak service levels. It is founded
on deep domain expertise as well
as the principle that “one solution
does not fit all” customers. Our
broad-based IT expertise draws
on solutions incorporating
components from multiple vendors
and delivering heterogeneous
environment services.
IT organizations are burdened
with three seemingly incongruous
goals – to deliver the service timely
and to maximize data availability,
performance, security, and service
levels to meet business demands,
while reducing data center and
overall business costs.
As IT organizations work to keep
pace with business requirements
and to provide the highest
levels of uptime and reliability,
they increasingly face budget
constraints. To improve server
utilization and efficiencies within
their data center infrastructure
while ensuring the information
security, many companies are
turning to virtualization and
open source technologies for the
answer besides some business
process re-engineering that
can contribute to all of those
Our focus is creating a powerful
interlinking with customer
business model, customer
industry, legacy system, new,
and future technologies that
ensures cost-effective, ROIcentric
delivery of solutions in an
exploding market with expanding
needs. We scale our delivery to
any size; and therefore, bring all
key technologies to any “playing
field”, and any client.


/ Our Services
By leveraging our extensive industry experience and IT best-practices, eSolutive helps clients become more effective in their ability to respond to business and competitive needs

Technology Consulting

Technology has become an enabler
for any business aside the people and
its processes. The needs of having
technology to support and increase
the business performances require
a full set of business and technical
knowledge as the key success factor.
To achieve a powerful technology
solution, a proper technology
blueprint is deemed required as
a baseline and a framework for
solution’s design and development

Network Services

We acknowledged all the concerns
of the market and through client's
feedback, commitment and
innovation have devised a unique
approach Design, Implement, Consult
and Engineering to offer cutting-edge
networking solutions (application-aware,
usage-based and virtualized
environment) to enterprises for the
entire Network Lifecycle Management
and Optimization.





Business Application and its Architecture

Business process automation based
on effective business processes
leads to an efficient business activity
and performance. Cross-linking the
business processes and required
technology architecture deliver
cost efficient and secured business
application system.
Various technology brands and their
capability may confuse customers
while selecting and developing the
product. Knowledge and experience
in the industry and technology area
will deliver an effective architecture
design of technology solution for cost
efficient and better control.
marketplace advantage.

Security Services

Information has become the most
valuable asset of any enterprise, apart
from its people. The threat to that
information has risen in proportion
to the value of information. As
enterprise IT becomes fully integrated
– from the smartphone, through the
To fully protect against cyber threats,
consider the important issues such
as: consulting, assessment, managed
and incident response.

Cloud Services

A family of integrated enterpriseclass
cloud computing technologies
and services for securely building
and using private, public and hybrid
clouds. Built upon open standards
combined with deep eSolutive
expertise and best practices,
Cloud is designed for complex
high-performance computing
environments. Cloud goes beyond
securely delivering new cloud
efficiencies and cost savings to drive
fundamental innovation for lasting
marketplace advantage.
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/ Our Process

The project process, using Future Systems Project Manager and PMO (Project Management Officer) team, is a generic framework and structure of a standardized project process and methodologies, which has been developed and generalized based on best project management process, practices and Project Management Institute standards.

Solution Assessment and Consultation

A successful project to develop a solution starts with
proper assessment on client business model, challenges,
plans, and possible technology solution to address the
needs. The assessment shall continue upon completion
of project execution to measure that the solution
complies with the business requirements and meet
certain project’s KPIs.


Project Planning & Administration

A successful project starts with a well-developed project
plan that details the tasks, schedule and resources
necessary to see the project through completion. The
project administration and management continues
through completion to ensure the overall goals and
objectives are met.

Implementation Management

Project Management Officer team provides detailed
oversight and project management of all aspects of the
data center built. We have an on-site presence to assess
construction progress, Mechanical and Electrical building
and systems commissioning.

Site Office Management

Tracking, management, coordination, provisioning with
the user and Project Consultant.

Budgeting and Change Management

Develop project’s “Work Breakdown Structure” and
budgets, scope of work, design change management
process and impact on cost and schedule.





Reporting & Communications

From updated plan & schedule documents to design
documents submittal and tracking, the PM reporting
tools and process will keep you current and throughout
the engagement.

Vendors and Deliverable Management

Managing all project resources including the account
and professional services teams in coordination with the
vendor community.

Project Documentation

Manage detailed processes of design submittal, approval
tracking, implementation progress, project directives, as
build drawing and project implementation plan (PIP).

Quality Assurance and Final Acceptance Management

Utilize quality assurance processes to develop, to check
lists, to ensure delivery and implementation are preapproved
Design and Tier standards.
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